Intuy Knee

The Intuy knee is a single axis motorised prosthetic knee which actively assists users at every step. The intuitive software adjusts in real time to walking speed to keep the swing phase flexion and extension symmetrical to the intact limb.

With a low build height, the Intuy knee is suitable for those with longer residual limbs and knee disarticulation. The Intuy Knee offers users powered extension, providing assistance when standing to reduce reliance on the intact limb.

The Intuy knee has an intelligent cycling mode that is automatically activated by user movement and will automatically switch back to walking mode when needed.

Features and benefits

  • Powered assistance and active propulsion providing leg-over-leg stair and slope ascent
  • Active swing and powered extension improves gait symmetry, reducing energy expenditure and reducing pain
  • Automatic user intention detection and mode switching for most daily activities
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Technical Specifications

Weight ratingWeight of Device (with battery)Weatherproof ratingWarrantyNominal walking rangeMechanical connectionMax noise level (uncovered)Max knee flexionMax joint torqueCharging timeBuild HeightBattery standby timeActivity Level
125kg2.4kgIP45 - Water resistant. Can be used in wet environments, but it should not be fully submerged in water2 years standard or purchase additional extension for 5 years21+ km at 29% battery dropMale pyramid50dB @ 15cm120 degrees100 Nm2 hours255mm~44 hoursK2-K4

Ordering Information

Intuy Knee Product Codes

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Additional Items

DescriptionProduct Code
Charger ReplacementILKCHR
Knee Cover ReplacementILKCVR
Intuy Knee 5-year Warranty ExtensionILKWE3Y


Intuy Knee Sales Sheet

Instructions for Use – Wearer

Instructions for Use – Practitioner