Easy Proth Donning Aid

Easy Proth is a prosthetic donning aid intended for suction suspension sockets to simplify putting on your prosthesis without pain and discomfort. The Easy Proth donning aid makes the physically straining morning task of putting on your prosthesis easier. The Easy Proth donning aid is made of a durable Rip Stop Nylon material and will not stretch out. The low shear resistance that nylon helps you avoid skin abrasion along areas below your groin area and distal (bottom) femur. This can be a great solution for traumatic above knee amputations that have scarred or hypersensitive skin, however prefer the “oneness” of suction suspension.

Features and Benefits

  • Significant time savings, stop spending 15 minutes applying your AK prosthetic leg in the morning
  • Pain free technique that avoids the burning, rubbing and irritation associated with the traditional ace wrap or stockinette donning method
  • Sold each in a poly bag

Ordering Information

Easy Proth Product Codes

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