Alpha Mini G-Lock

The Alpha Mini G-Lock is designed for application at the upper extremities (transhumeral and transradial), and can also be used for paediatric devices. The Alpha Mini G-Lock uses standard pin locking with pin seal.

Ordering Information

Part no.DescriptionWeightWeight LimitBuild Height
700-MGL480Mini G-Lock67g60kg21.44mm
700-MGL490Mini G-Lock body onlyN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL482Mini G-Lock pin, 1/4" - 20mm x 38mmN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL488Mini G-Lock pin, 1/4" - 20mm x 51mmN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL491Mini G-Lock Fabrication ToolingN/AN/AN/A
700-MGL492Mini G-Lock button and stemN/AN/AN/A

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