The MC ETD2 is the second generation of the popular Electric Terminal Device, setting a new standard in compact aesthetic design, while maintaining the rugged, water-resistant functionality of the electric hook.

Featuring a form-follows-function approach, the ETD2 provides greater security in many gripping modes. The sculpted gripping pads grasp large cylindrical mugs at the table, a broom or shovel handle at work, and papers on flat surfaces in the office. The soft push tab on the peak of the fingers provides a soft, controlled interface for everyday tasks like pushing elevator buttons.

The on-board ProPlus microprocessor allows easy interchange between most terminal devices. The ProPlus smart controller also communicates via Bluetooth® for easy adjustments by prosthetists and wearers. The patented AutoCal adjusts with a fingertip touch on an iPhone®.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide-opening fingers for holding large cylindrical objects
  • Passive friction surfaces on the outside of the fingers
  • Safety release
  • Sleeve retention ring for optional water-resistant protective sleeve
  • Available in black or white


Operating TemperatureOperating VoltageOpening WidthProportional Gripping ForceProportional SpeedLoad Limit
-5 to 60 °C6 to 8 Vdc117 mm0 - 107 NUp to 330 mm/sec22 kg


Flexion Wrist

  • Four locking positions: 52°, 26°, 0°, -30°
  • Flexion/extension or ulnar/radial deviation

Multi-Flex Wrist

  • Flexes in all directions
  • Three locking positions: 30°, 0°, -30° (flexion/extension direction)

FLAG Option

  • Force Limiting—prevents crushing objects due to excessive pinch force
  • Auto Grasp—automatically increases the grip on an object if an inadvertent open signal is detected

Ordering Information


Item NumberSideComposition
5010106LeftBlack with heavy duty fingers
5010121LeftWhite with heavy duty fingers
5010107RightBlack with heavy duty fingers
5010122RightWhite with heavy duty fingers


Item NumberMC ETD 2 Options
3010931ETD2 Flexion Wrist
3010932ETD2 Multi-flex Wrist
3010959ETD2 Wrist Disarticulation
3010930ETD2 Flag Option