MC ProPlus Hand

The MC ProPlus Hand sets the standard for rugged functionality. It’s made with high-strength, CNC machined fingers, has built-in Bluetooth® for perfect adjustability and a safety release function. This hand combines delicate pinch forces with the security of auto-grasp. Options like the well know Flexion Wrist or Multi-flex Wrist are available, as well as the MC Electric Wrist Rotator. This hand serves as a useful tool for many tasks and lifestyles.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful, responsive and precise
  • Rugged and durable
  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity
  • Apple® iOS User Interface
  • Brushless DC motor for longer life
  • Wide-opening fingers for holding large objects
  • Safety release
  • Compatible with other myoelectric systems


Operating TemperatureOperating VoltageOpening WidthProportional Gripping ForceProportional SpeedLoad Limit
-5 to 60 °C6 to 8.2 Vdc74mm0 - 100 NUp to 270 mm/sec22 kg


Flexion Wrist

  • Four locking positions: 52°, 26°, 0°, -30°
  • Flexion/extension or ulnar/radial deviation

Multi-Flex Wrist

  • Flexes in all directions
  • Three locking positions: 30°, 0°, -30° (flexion/extension direction)

FLAG Option:

  • Force Limiting—prevents crushing objects due to excessive pinch force
  • Auto Grasp—automatically increases the grip on an object if an inadvertent open signal is detected

Ordering Information


Item NumberSideSize
5010046Left7 ¼
5010048Left7 ¾
5010050Left8 ¼
5010047Right7 ¼
5010049Right7 ¾
5010051Right8 ¼


    Item NumberMC ProPlus Hand Options
    3010439Flexion Wrist for 7 ¼ Hand
    3010440Flexion Wrist for 7 ¾ Hand
    3010441Flexion Wrist for 8 ¼ Hand
    3010640Multi-flex Wrist
    3010429Short Hand for 7 ¼ Hand
    3010451Short Hand for 7 ¾ Hand
    3010452Short Hand for 8 ¼ Hand
    3010607Wrist Disarticulation for 7 ¼ Hand
    3010608Wrist Disarticulation for 7 ¾ Hand
    3010609Wrist Disarticulation for 8 ¼ Hand
    3010930FLAG Option