The Caddy is a fully modular seating system with a flexible specification, accommodating for many conditions. The chair supports early intervention and posture control.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a stable base of support to promote and facilitate maximum function
  • Manages pressure and prevents the development of pressure sores
  • Increases tolerance of the desired position by providing comfort and relaxation
  • Decreases abnormal influence on the body whilst normalising tone
  • Can prevent, accommodate, or correct skeletal deformity and leg length discrepancy by maintaining skeletal alignment
  • Controls abnormal movement patterns whilst facilitating normal movement
  • Decreases fatigue whilst enhancing autonomic nervous system function (cardiac, digestive, and respiratory)
  • Crash tested to ISO 016840 part 4
  • Full range of accessories available

Standard specification

  • Backrest: solid, angle adjustable
  • Seat: solid, anti-thrust seat cushion
  • Thoracic supports: fixed
  • Pelvic supports: fixed
  • Interface: standard quick release slot
  • Growth adjustment and sacral support included

Lower body support

The backrest and seat cushions can be shaped to the contours of the back to support the lower spine in the desired position. Four cushion options are available for each.

Activity LevelProduct WeightWeight LimitSizesBuild HeightFoot shellWarranty
K3-K4549g163kg22-29cmSize 22-24: 160mmNone required36 months
Size 25-27: 168mm
Size 28-29: 180mm

Leg abductors and knee adductors work together to control the user’s posture, maintain a midline position, and encourage functional movement. There are three options available for each.

Activity LevelProduct WeightWeight LimitSizesBuild HeightFoot shellWarranty
K3-K4428g163kg22-29cm109mmNone required36 months

Upper body support

Shoulder and triceps supports reduce lateral leaning and arm retraction whilst providing posterior support.
Lateral thoracic supports may also be added to manage flexible scoliosis, with four options available

  • Fixed with flat pad
  • Fixed with curved pad
  • Swing away with flat pad
  • Swing away with curved pad


Two interface options are available, with both providing a high level of adjustment to the chair:

  • Standard quick release slot
  • Positive locking

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