Central Fabrication Services

Established in 2016, our CFAB team combine experienced technicians with advanced technology to deliver high quality prosthetic manufacturing. We are able to provide both long- and short-term solutions to a centre’s fabrication needs.



BK Socket Ordering Information

Part no.Description
CFAB-BK-1-VBK check socket with valve
CFAB-BK-1-LBK check socket with lock
CFAB-BK-2-VBK poly socket with valve
CFAB-BK-2-LBK poly socket with lock
CFAB-BK-3-VBK laminate socket with valve
CFAB-BK-3-LBK laminate socket with lock
CFAB-BK-4-VBK carbon socket with valve
CFAB-BK-4-LBK carbon socket with lock

AK Socket Ordering Information

Part no.Description
CFAB-AK-1-VAK check socket with valve
CFAB-AK-1-LAK check socket with lock
CFAB-AK-2-VAK poly socket with valve
CFAB-AK-2-LAK poly socket with lock
CFAB-AK-3-VAK laminate socket with valve
CFAB-AK-3-LAK laminate socket with lock
CFAB-AK-4-VAK carbon socket with valve
CFAB-AK-4-LAK carbon socket with lock

HD Socket Ordering Information

Part no.Description
CFAB-HD-1HD check socket
CFAB-HD-2HD poly socket
CFAB-HD-3HD laminate socket

TR Socket Ordering Information

Part no.Description
CFAB-TR-1-VTR check socket with valve
CFAB-TR-1-LTR check socket with lock
CFAB-TR-2-VTR poly socket with valve
CFAB-TR-2-LTR poly socket with lock

Extra Products Ordering Information

Part no.Description
CFAB-101Pelite liner
CFAB-102Northvane liner
CFAB-103Seaflex inner
CFAB-104BK cosmetic foam
CFAB-105AK cosmetic foam
CFAB-106Coloured finish on laminate
CFAB-107Carbon FX

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