Our harness range is designed to provide support and stability to the upper trunk area of a wheelchair user.

All of our harnesses are designed for postural support only, and must not be used as the sole method of restraint during vehicle transportation. They are also designed to be used with a suitable pelvic belt.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable-length top straps, with plastic pull-tight buckles and cam-lock features
  • Lower straps are fixed-length, with angle-adjusting plastic buckles
  • Complete with triple-slot mounting plates
  • Standard fitting kit includes: two frame clamps, 6mm fixing screws, and nyloc nuts
  • Nylon-covered neoprene pad can be easily removed for machine washing
  • Each type is available in three sizes

Dynamic Harness

Part No. HU3002 HU3003 HU3004
Small Medium Large
A 413mm 457mm 514mm
B 241mm 267mm 298mm
C 246mm 280mm 317mm
D 50mm 50mm 50mm

Sternum Harness

Part No. HU4002 HU4003 HU4004
Small Medium Large
A 394mm 470mm 527mm
B 235mm 235mm 235mm
C 235mm 235mm 235mm
D 95mm 114mm 127mm
E 374mm 444mm 470mm

Shoulder Harness

Part No. HU5002 HU5003 HU5004
Small Medium Large
A 254mm 280mm 317mm
B 89mm 102mm 102mm
C 44mm 51mm 51mm


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