Ortho Europe LA Ankle

This endoskeletal water activity ankle unit provides a natural foot position for swimming with a water activity limb.

The endoskeletal ankle is intended for water leisure activities: acting as a swimming aid to mimic the natural position of the foot. It can be locked at either 70° for swimming or at 90° for walking. It is not recommended for use as a primary walking limb, but is suitable for walking in and around the pool or sea.

Features and benefits

  • Waterproof in salt and freshwater
  • Natural foot position for swimming
  • Simple low-maintenance design
  • Locks at 70° plantarflexion and 90° for maximum function
  • Designed for use with Endoskeletal LA Ankle attachment block
  • Rotating pyramid
  • Can be assembled for left or right orientation

Recommendations for use

  • This ankle can be used as part of an endoskeletal swimming limb build to offer a combination of realistic swimming position and normal ankle position for walking.

Additional information

Activity level


Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionMaterialWeightBuild HeightWeight Limit
4LA201Endoskeletal LA AnkleAluminium410g72mm125kg
4LA503Endoskeletal LA Ankle Attachment BlockTitanium & Wood262g47mm125kg


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