Custom contoured seat

Our custom contoured seats (CCS) were specifically designed for clients who spend long periods of time in their chairs, unable to change their position. CSS provide a total contact solution, with appropriate pressure distribution across the surface area of the entire seat and/or back.

Features and Benefits

  • Bespoke seat, designed to meet user’s clinical needs
  • Covered with a waterproof coating
  • Strengthened by internal aluminium pads
  • Extensive range and combination of foams can be used to achieve the required levels of pressure distribution at no additional cost
  • Postural asymmetry hidden, as seat contours are not visible from outside the seat
  • Two easily removable covers supplied with each seat as standard, available in a range of colours and materials
  • Can be used with a wide range of wheelbases, and is easily removable from the wheelchair
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be supplied with wheelchair specific bracketry or mounted to the wheelbase by SeatMatch
  • Accompanying accessory range available to meet any additional requirements, including both personal and postural options