Paediatric Impulse® Foot

As children develop a more mature gait that follows the normal progression of heel strike through toe off, they need a foot that offers more toe response and increased durability. The paediatric Impulse foot uses the same Pathfinder® material with a Kevlar® heel. This material combination provides energy return, dynamic response, and outstanding durability – three of the most important characteristics for active children in the second stage of gait development.

Features and benefits

  • Substantial energy return
  • Durable Pathfinder® composite materials
  • Choose from three toe resistances

Recommendations for use

  • For the more active paediatric amputees, Impulse provides the perfect combination of high energy return, comfort and confidence. Use with the PPF-1208 foot adaptor.


Additional information


13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22


Left, Right

Foot shell

Brown, Buff, Tan

Toe Spring Siffness

Low, Regular, High


Build HeightWeightWeight LimitHeel HeightToe ResistanceHeel Insert Density
35mm155g60kg6mm or 10mmLow, Regular or HighSoft, Medium or Firm

Ordering Information

To order a paediatric SACH or Impulse® Foot, please select the size, side, colour, toe resistance, and heel height. All three heel inserts are included with every foot.

*Toe Resistance: Use the amputee’s foot size and adjustable body weight to determine the recommended toe resistance from the charts opposite.

“Adjustable Body Weight” is the amputee’s body weight + any loads normally or routinely carried by the amputee. Adjusted body weight for the paediatric feet must not exceed 60kg. NOTE: Increase toe resistance one level for an extremely active child.

Heel Height: Sizes 9-17 have a 6mm heel height. Sizes 18-22 have a 10mm heel height.
Heel Inserts: Soft, Medium and Firm heel inserts are included with size 15-22.
Heel inserts are not used with size 9-14.

Toe Resistance
Foot SizeLowRegularHigh

Pyramid Foot Adaptor
Part NumberMaterialWeightWeight Limit


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