Paediatric Impulse® Foot

As children develop a more mature gait that follows the normal progression of heel strike through toe off, they need a foot that offers more toe response and increased durability. The paediatric Impulse foot uses the same Pathfinder® material with a Kevlar® heel. This material combination provides energy return, dynamic response, and outstanding durability – three of the most important characteristics for active children in the second stage of gait development.

Features and benefits

  • Substantial energy return
  • Durable Pathfinder® composite materials
  • Choose from three toe resistances

Recommendations for use

  • For the more active paediatric amputees, Impulse provides the perfect combination of high energy return, comfort and confidence. Use with the PPF-1208 foot adaptor.



Build HeightWeightWeight LimitHeel HeightToe ResistanceHeel Insert Density
35mm155g60kg6mm or 10mmLow, Regular or HighSoft, Medium or Firm

Ordering Information

To order a paediatric SACH or Impulse® Foot, please select the size, side, colour, toe resistance, and heel height. All three heel inserts are included with every foot.

*Toe Resistance: Use the amputee’s foot size and adjustable body weight to determine the recommended toe resistance from the charts opposite.

“Adjustable Body Weight” is the amputee’s body weight + any loads normally or routinely carried by the amputee. Adjusted body weight for the paediatric feet must not exceed 60kg. NOTE: Increase toe resistance one level for an extremely active child.

Heel Height: Sizes 9-17 have a 6mm heel height. Sizes 18-22 have a 10mm heel height.
Heel Inserts: Soft, Medium and Firm heel inserts are included with size 15-22.
Heel inserts are not used with size 9-14.

Toe Resistance
Foot SizeLowRegularHigh

Pyramid Foot Adaptor
Part NumberMaterialWeightWeight Limit


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