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Having trained as a Physiotherapist at University, I specialised in private musculoskeletal physiotherapy and practiced in the UK and Australia for four years. I then moved into the commercial sales industry, where I worked for eight years before joining Ortho Europe in May 2020. My clinical background coupled with my commercial knowledge means I able to understand the needs of patients, whilst ensuring we provide a seamless service to our customers by working closely with the relevant teams and suppliers in the background. Supported by an excellent sales team with high levels of product expertise, my passion is to provide a client-centred, reliable, and efficient service to every individual we interact with across both prosthetics and orthotics.

Amira Hyne – UK & Ireland Sales Manager
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Mobile : +44 (0)7407 805 755

I studied Prosthetics and Orthotics at the University of Strathclyde, graduating in 2013. I then began Opcare’s graduate programme in Exeter. Over the following 4.5 years I also worked in Newcastle and Belfast. Mid 2017 I took 6 months off to travel with my partner Lori to New Zealand. Here I worked as a Prosthetist for the previously named New Zealand Artificial Limb Service, now Peke Waihanga Artificial Limb Service. Due to the nature of New Zealand’s health service and amputee population, I was able to make prescriptions based purely on clinical requirement with an increased number of traumatic amputations. I returned to take up my current position at the beginning of 2019. My main aims for this position are to provide clinicians with the tools they require to make educated decisions and ease the rehabilitation journey for their patients.

Andy Hunter CPO – Prosthetic Clinical Support Manager
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Mobile : +44 (0)7823 403 450

I am an AK amputee, and I have worked for Ortho Europe for over 20 years. I took the decision to have an elected amputation in 1997 following a serious road traffic accident and nearly three years of medical interventions to try to save my knee.

I was introduced to Michael O’Byrne, founder of Ortho Europe at the Oxford clinic, where I was learning to run on my prosthetic leg to play amputee football. I was asked if I would like to get involved in promoting the Ultimate Knee. I agreed and my first role was demonstrating the functions of the knee at sales visits and conferences, and answering questions from prosthetists, consultants, and other amputees.

My role has continued to evolve and as a Product Specialist I now demonstrate and provide training on the full range of devices offered by Ortho Europe. I also play a key role in evaluating new products such as knees and feet and I regularly act as the patient model during Prosthetist training.

I believe my role to be quite unique within the Prosthetic community and I find it satisfying that I can provide feedback based on my experiences, which can help other amputees.

Nigel Davis – UK Product Specialist
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Mobile : +44 (0)7986 459 243

I am Ortho Europe’s Prosthetics Product Manager. I have responsibility for our full portfolio of upper and lower extremity prosthetic devices. I have worked within the prosthetic industry for all my career and my knowledge and experience spans both clinical and technical. Prior to taking on the Product Manager role with Ortho Europe, I previously held technical and clinical consultant roles with the business.

My passion is applying technology to support and enhance the human body, and I have a particular interest in upper extremity devices.

Pieter van Delft – Prosthetics Product Manager
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Mobile : +31 (0)625 383 227

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