The SeatMatch pelvic belt range is designed to provide postural support and stability to the pelvis of a wheelchair user. Packs of mounting components are included, ensuring no compromise when fitting any of our pelvic belts.

These belts must not be used as the sole method of occupant restraint during vehicle transportation.

We provide a range of two- and four-point belts, both with either a single- or dual-pull capability. Our metal, single-pull buckle is our heavy-duty option, whilst our slimline plastic buckle has dual-pull side-release buttons.


Additional Information

  • Available in Small, Medium and Large
  • Available in two or four point
  • Available with Metal Buckle and Plastic Buckle
  • All belts come with a comprehensive fitting kit

Plastic Buckle and Dual Belt

Plastic BuckleSmallMediumLarge
Pad Size150mm x 44mm150mm x 60mm150mm x 70mm
Two PointHD2002SHD2003SHD2004S
Four PointHD5002SHD5003SHD5004S
Two Point dual pullHD3002SHD3003SHD3004S

Metal Buckle Side Pull Belt

Metal BuckleSmallMediumLarge
Belt Size150mm x 44mm150mm x 60mm150mm x 70mm
Two point single pull- paddedHD2001HD2002HD2003
Four point single pull- paddedHD5002HD5003HD5004


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