COAPT Gen2 is a next generation myoelectric control system that enhances the functionality of a powered myoelectric prosthesis.

The remaining muscles of those with upper limb loss can still produce signal patterns which allows the system to determine when a pattern matches the user’s intention for movement.

Machine learning algorithms recognise each user’s natural patterns through the detection of myoelectric information on the skin, resulting in natural intuitive control.

Features and benefit

  • Advanced technology
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Eliminates the use of mode-switching
  • Quick re-calibration
  • Adaptable system
  • New muscle signal patterns are created, instead of replacing old data
  • Users can save and recall moments of strong control
  • Users can step back the system if they do not benefit from a change

Recommendations for use

This product is suitable for those with upper limb loss or limb difference, and is compatible with all major upper limb powered prostheses.

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Ordering Information

Product NumberType Description
The image shows the product COAPT Gen2COMPLETE CONTROL Gen2 System with Prosthesis Interface and EMG Interface
With any 732003001, must add ONE of the following configurations corresponding to patient’s prosthesis:
732003002Transhumeral and ProximalMultifunction TD, with/without powered wrist & powered elbow flexion/extension
732003003Transhumeral and ProximalMultifunction TD, with/without powered wrist & hybrid elbow
732003004Transhumeral and ProximalOpen/close TD, with/without powered wrist & powered elbow flexion/extension
732003005Transhumeral and ProximalOpen/close TD, with/without powered wrist & hybrid elbow
732003006Transradial and DistalMultifunction TD & powered wrist
732003007Transradial and DistalMultifunction TD
732003008Transradial and DistalOpen/close TD & powered wrist
732003009Transradial and DistalOpen/close TD


Product NumberEnhancements
732003010Upgrade to Snaps EMG Interface Cable
732003011Upgrade to OI-style Cuff EMG Interface Cable


Product NumberWarranties
7320030122-Year Limited Warranty (Included)
7320030133-Year Limited Warranty (Extended)*
7320030144-Year Limited Warranty (Extended)*
7320030155-Year Limited Warranty (Extended)*
*Extended warranties can only be purchased at the time of original order

Replacement Parts

Product NumberReplacement Parts
732003016Complete Controller Processing Unit
732003017Device Interface Cable
732003018EMG Interface Cable (standard, eyelets)
732003019EMG Interface Cable (snaps)
732003020EMG Interface Cable (eval-style cuff)
732003021EMG Interface Cable (OI-style cuff)
732003022Set of (17) Stainless Steel Electrode Dome Contacts (includes attachment hardware)
732003023Bluetooth USB Radio
732003024Set of Fabrication Aids

Evaluation Unit

Product NumberEvaluation Unit
732003025Coapt Gen2 Handheld Evacuation Unit*
*Purchase of EMG interface(s) 732003018 + 732003022, 732003019, 732003020 and/or 732003021 required with handheld evaluation unit


COAPT sales sheet

Coapt Dome Electrode Handbook

Coapt Gen2 Handbook

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