MC ProPlus ETD

The MC ProETD Plus (Electric Terminal Device) is a rugged, functional and water resistant hook that can be used with other manufacturers’ systems, or combined with our many wrist options.

Options like the well know Flexion Wrist or Multi-flex Wrist as well as the MC Electric Wrist Rotator.

It is engineered for active users. With high visibility and fine control, optional titanium fingers and a wide opening it is designed for reliable performance in demanding circumstances. This hook serves as a useful tool for many tasks and active lifestyles. The preferred choice of thousands of users.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful, responsive, and precise
  • Water resistant (IPX7 compliant)
  • Rugged and durable
  • Bluetooth® wireless connectivity
  • Apple® iOS User Interface
  • Wide-opening fingers for holding large objects
  • Fine finger tips with high visibility for picking up small objects
  • Light weight (only 425 gram (standard length))
  • Safety Release
  • Brushless DC motor for longer life
  • Compatible with other myoelectric systems


Operating TemperatureOperating VoltageOpening WidthProportional Gripping ForceProportional SpeedLoad Limit
-5 to 60 °C6 to 8.2 Vdc117mm0 – 107 NUp to 330 mm/sec22 kg


Flexion Wrist

  • Four locking positions: 52°, 26°, 0°, -30°
  • Flexion/extension or ulnar/radial deviation

Multi-Flex Wrist

  • Flexes in all directions
  • Three locking positions: 30°, 0°, -30° (flexion/extension direction)

FLAG Option:

  • Force Limiting—prevents crushing objects due to excessive pinch force
  • Auto Grasp—automatically increases the grip on an object if an inadvertent open signal is detected

Ordering Information


Item NumberSideComposition
5010071LeftBlack anodized
5010172RightBlack anodized


    Item NumberMC ProPlus ETD Options
    3010485ETD Flexion Wrist Flexion/Extension
    3010793ETD Flexion Wrist Abduction/Adduction
    3010641ETD Multi-flex Wrist
    3010610ETD Wrist Disarticulation
    3010930FLAG Option