The NEO wheelbases provide a unique telescopic width adjustment and stainless steel construction, ensuring durability, longevity and reusability. They are ideal for use with a wide range of custom seating options and interfaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Variable backrest angle with 35˚ Tilt-in-Space
  • Adjustable seat depth: 390-460mm
  • Adjustable width: 370-510mm
  • Load capacity: 120kg
  • Telescopic push handles
  • NEO Budget rear wheels measure 315mm
  • NEO Big Wheel rear wheels measure 500mm
  • Hub lock and/or wheel lock brakes
  • Compatible with a wide range of custom seating options, interfaces and accessories


  • Overall length: 700-760mm
  • Overall width: 500-610mm
  • Height: 960mm
  • Push handle extension: 220mm
  • Tilt mechanism: single gas strut or electric actuator
  • Wheel lock: manual parking brake, operated by levers on the inside of each rear wheel
  • Cable brake: single lever, dual cable hub lock brakes, operated by levers on the push handles
  • Crash tested in accordance with ISO 7176/19


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