xFibre & xHybrid

xFibre and xHybrid are a range of materials developed for the orthopaedic industry, perfect for use in prosthetics and orthotics.

Features and benefits

xFibre has ten times the impact resistance and half the rigidness of carbon, allowing you to create comfortable, thinner and lighter applications.

There is no fixed structure to xFibre, and the fibres are uncoated, allowing the material to be more supple than carbon or fibreglass when forming around laminate models.

Easily attaches to conventional resins, and requires much less resin in order to achieve the necessary tube or sleeve strength.

Rolls at a high speed and low pressure thanks to simple micro-finishing film.

xHybrid is blended with carbon and ideal for when the rigidity of carbon is needed alongside xFibre’s advantages.

Ordering information

Part NumberSize
xFibre-4-1010cm x 3m
xFibre-5-1012.5cm x 3m
xFibre-6-1015cm x 3m
xFibre-8-1020cm x 3m
Part NumberSize
xHybrid-3-107.5cm x 3m
xHybrid-4-107.5cm x 3m
xHybrid-5-107.5cm x 3m
xHybrid-6-107.5cm x 3m
xHybrid-8-107.5cm x 3m
xHybrid-10-107.5cm x 3m
Part NumberSize
xHybrid-3-507.5cm x 15m
xHybrid-4-5010cm x 15m
xHybrid-5-5012.5cm x 15m
xHybrid-6-5015cm x 15m
xHybrid-8-5020cm x 15m
xHybrid-10-5025cm x 15m

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