Wave Comfort2

The Wave Comfort2 brings an exceptional level of comfort to the low- to moderate-activity user. The unique Tri-Spring design works as a unit, providing seamless transition to create a smooth, stable progression from heel-strike to toe-off. The “Coupled Spring” feature reacts in a compliant manner that combines a comfortable feel with the dynamic response expected in carbon composite feet. The novel “Wave Spring” which delivers exceptional stability due to its substantial shock absorption capacity and its plantar-flexion at heel strike. The smooth action of the heel rocker combined with the stable dynamics of the forefoot insure a “wave of comfort” from heel to toe.

Features and benefits

  • Novel Tri-Spring design
  • Compact comfort
  • Unique Wave Spring technology
  • Progressive dynamic response
  • Enhanced plantar-flexion
  • Easily adjustable heel stiffness
  • Shock absorption
  • Balanced compliance
  • Smooth rollover

Recommendations for use

  • Low to moderate activity users
  • Unilateral or bilateral patients
  • Transtibial or transfemoral amputees
  • Patients who would benefit from increased flexibility and smooth rollover

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