Waterproof Componentry

Our waterproof componentry range includes all the necessary elements for creating a waterproof limb.

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Ordering Information

 Part no.DescriptionMaterialDiameterWeight Limit
6WC0013 Prong Laminating Base with Female ThreadStainless SteelN/A125kg
6WC002Rotatable Pyramid with Male Thread and Centre HoleTitaniumN/A166kg
6WC003Tube Clamp AdaptorTitanium30mm166kg
6WC00410in Pylon AdaptorTitanium30mm166kg
6WC005Pylon Short with Pyramid AdaptorTitanium30mm166kg
6WC006Dual AdaptorTitaniumN/A166kg
6WC007Dual Receiver AdaptorTitanium32mm166kg
6WC008Dual Receiver AdaptorTitanium45mm166kg
6WC009Dual Receiver AdaptorTitanium60mm166kg
6WC010Dual Receiver AdaptorTitanium75mm166kg
6WC01117in Pylon Receiver Adaptor with Drain HolesTitanium30mm166kg
6WC01217in Pylon AdaptorTitanium30mm166kg
6WC013Offset 4 Hole Pyramid Adaptor AxialTitanium5mm166kg
6WC014Offset 4 Hole Pyramid Adaptor Both DirectionTitanium5mm166kg
The image of 6WC0156WC015Threaded 4 Hole BaseTitanium36mm166kg
6WC0164 Hole Pyramid Adaptor with Centre HoleTitaniumN/A166kg
6WC0174 Hole Receiver AdaptorTitaniumN/A166kg
The image of 6WC0186WC0184 Hole Clamping Centre Thread with Rotatable PyramidTitaniumN/A166kg
6WC0194 Hole Clamping Centre Thread with Rotatable ReceiverTitaniumN/A166kg
6WC0204 Prong Base with Fixed Pyramid AdaptorTitaniumN/A166kg
6WC0213 Prong Lamination Base Female Thread Rotatable PyramidStainless Steel and TitaniumN/A125kg
6WC0223 Prong Lamination Base Female Thread Rotatable ReceiverStainless Steel and TitaniumN/A125kg
6WC023Softer Extension Assist SpringN/AN/A166kg
6WC024Knieagil Pyramid Adaptor for KA-WLD31N/AN/A166kg
6WC025Threaded Connector for KA-WLD31N/AN/A166kg
6WC026Set WLD31 Lamination Anchor plus ConnectorN/AN/A166kg
6WC027Waterproof AdaptorN/AN/A166kg


Water Resistant Componentry

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