VALOR™ Liner Sheath

The VALOR Liner Sheath offers the most advanced method of moisture management for ultimate socket comfort. The sheath easily manages the discomfort and skin irritation caused by a build-up of sweat within a user’s liner or socket, increasing prosthetic fit and function.

Features and benefits

  • Perfectly suited to high activity amputees and those who suffer from excessive perspiration
  • Patented active antimicrobial technology decreases odour, bacteria and fungus
  • May be worn under a liner or alone to improve moisture management and climate control
  • Contains Tactel: twice as soft, 3 times stronger, and dries 8 times faster than cotton
  • Hollow Olefin fibres wick sweat away from the skin’s surface
  • Added compression reduces volume fluctuation
  • Moisture regulation improves prosthesis fit
  • Linked seam for smooth distal end
  • Mid-patella tendon marker for correct size and fitting reference
  • Transtibial, transfemoral and transradial application
  • Sold in pairs

Ordering Information

Size Guide

SizeResidual Limb Length

Recommendations for use

The sheath is worn directly against the skin on its own or underneath a liner, and is perfectly suited to high activity amputees and those who suffer from excessive perspiration.

All BK sheaths measure 4″ in length above the mid-patella tendon. To establish the length of the BK sheath required, measure from the mid-patella tendon to the distal end of the residual limb.

AK sheath length is measured from proximal to distal end.


Valor Sales Sheet

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