Ultimate Knee

The Ultimate Knee’s weight-activated hydraulic system is reliable and versatile, with a range of adjustments to suit the new amputee, from the first stages of rehabilitation right through to optimum mobility. The knee automatically responds to changes in pace, and the yield function allows the patient to walk down slopes and stairs leg over leg.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight titanium
  • Adjustable flexion resistance, sensitivity, and yield
  • Ultimate stability on stairs and uneven surfaces
  • Hydraulic swing and stance phase control
  • Terminal impact dampener

Recommendations for use

  • Suitable for a range of activity levels. The knee can be set up for low activity users, who need maximum stance phase stability, through to high activity users, who require the yielding function to descend slopes and stairs leg over leg.


Build HeightWeightActivity LevelWeight LimitProximal AdaptorDistal AdaptorAmputation Level
296mm1110gK1 - K4125kgFemale Pyramid Receiver 30mm Tube AdaptorTransfemoral

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
2UK101Ultimate Hydraulic Knee

Optional Male Pyramid Fitting:

Part NumberWeight LimitProduct WeightMaterial




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