Alpha® TruSeal Sealing Liner

Alpha TruSeal offers an unsurpassed seal with its exceptional seal quality with four fins, in a unique stepped design, moulded directly into the liner body. The stepped design creates two points of contact per fin against the socket wall and ensures each fin reflects upwards preventing any gaps forming in the seal.

*Based on internal testing commissioned by WillowWood in September 2020 with an average of 4,000 steps per day.

Features and benefits

    • Four stepped fins offer unsurpassed vacuum retention
    • Smooth satin coating reduces resistance during donning and doffing
    • Liner surface resists abrasion and extends liner life

Measuring Guide

Please refer to the table below.

Product Part Number: S494-11 Category:

Additional information

Amputation Level


Interface Material



Durable, Sealing

Ordering Information

Prefix Size
Proximal measurement 20cm from distal37-49cm39-51cm40-54cm42-58cm44-62cm46-66cm49-72cm52-78cm55-85cm
Distal measurement 4cm from distal25-26.5cm26.5-28cm28-30cm30-32cm32-34cm34-37cm37-40cm40-43cm43-47cm


TruSeal Sales Sheet

Alpha TruSeal Liner Testimonial

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