Totz – Talipes Boots and Bar

Our Talipes boots are made on a straight last and come in size 11 to 25.

Features and benefits
  • Made with 1.2mm softee leather
  • Heel pocket to ensure correct fitting
  • Padded heel
  • Padded tongue
  • Padded sole
  • Easy to adjust strap

Providing the easiest way to get a child in and out of their boots: place the open-toe shoes on the child’s feet and click them into place on our Quick Release Dobbs Bar.

Dobbs Bar - features and benefits
  • Forefoot extensions keep the brace flat on the floor so the child can stand easily
  • Clear, easy-to-dial degree settings with simple turn of a screw
  • Lets children kick and move their legs independently while maintaining abduction
  • Independent motion makes it harder to pull out of shoes and reduces irritation
  • Two sizes: Small (6-9″) and Regular(9-14″)


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