Totz: Talipes Boots and Bar

The Totz talipes boots and bar make it as easy as possible to get a child in an out of their clubfoot brace: simply put the open-toe boots onto the child’s feet, and click them into place on the bar. The Totz bar incorporates a spring reset which brings the child’s feet back to neutral in a resting position, maintains active dorsiflexion, and still allows the child to play and crawl.

Features and benefits

  • Boots made with 1.2mm softee leather
  • Padded heel, tongue and sole
  • Heel pocket and adjustment straps ensure correct boot fitting
  • Bra spring assist provides dynamic calf stretch, building strength and mitigating atrophy
  • Forefoot extensions keep bar flat on the floor so child can stand easily
  • Clear, easy to dial degree settings with a simple turn of a screw
  • Independent motion makes it harder to pull out of shoes and reduces irritation
  • Adjustable bar width grows with child
  • All boots and bars come with Allen keys for adjustment


  • Clubfoot

Boots Ordering Information

Bar Ordering Information

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