RUSH Chopart®

The RUSH Chopart is specifically designed for those with partial foot amputations, such as Chopart, Lisfranc, Pirogoff or Boyd. This dynamic footplate is comprised of an innovative glass composite structure that has been engineered to provide both flexibility and durability. Its unique design drastically reduces the risk of breakage, and allows users to do more of what they want without limitations.

Features and benefits

  • Smooth roll-over for comfort and high energy return in any situation
  • Waterproof in fresh or salt water
  • Highly dynamic for an active lifestyle and impact absorption
  • Durable in everyday use and over rough terrain

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Weight LimitSizeFoot shellProduct WeightWarrantyBuild Height
Foot onlyFoot, Foot Shell & SockSizeHeight
143kg22-29 cmLight or Dark125g385g3 Years22-24 cm25 mm
* Weight given is for a size 26cm CAT425-27 cm29 mm
28-29 cm22 mm

Ordering Information

Weightlbs0 - 7071 - 105106 - 140141 - 175176 - 210211 - 245246 - 280281 - 315
kg0 - 3233 - 4849 - 6465 - 7980 - 9596 - 111112 - 127128 - 143
High Impact1234567-

For bilateral patients: Increase by one category for added stability

Footshell Ordering Information


RUSH Chopart IFU

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