TES Suspension Belt

A total elastic suspension belt for use with a transfemoral prosthesis, recognised worldwide for effective transfemoral suspension.

The Original TES Belt™ features a wide 360° textured grip cuff and modified adductor panel for improved lateral gripping. It evens out stress and eliminates the pull-down feeling of old girdle-style belts. Standard and bilateral belts are both available in two styles: regular, with solid sides; or cut-out, with a cutaway at the side hip area.

Features and benefits

  • Effective transfemoral prosthesis suspension
  • Wide 360° textured grip cuff & modified adductor panel for improved lateral gripping
  • Standard or bilateral
  • Regular or cut out shape

Recommendations for use

  • A reliable form of suspension for transfemoral amputees.


Ordering Information

Part NumberSize
P317Small TES Belt - Left
P318Small TES Belt - Right
P319Medium TES Belt - Left
P320Medium TES Belt - Right
P321Large TES Belt - Left
P322Large TES Belt - Right
P323Small Bilateral TES Belt
P324Medium Bilateral TES Belt
P325Large Bilateral TES Belt
P350Extra Small TES Belt - Left
P351Extra Small TES Belt - Right
P352Infant TES Belt - Left
P353Infant TES Belt - Right
P354Juvenile TES Belt - Right
P355Juvenile TES Belt - Left
P356Extra Large TES Belt - Left
P357Extra Large TES Belt - Right
P358XX Large TES Belt - Left
P359XX Large TES Belt - Right
P380Infant Bilateral TES Belt
P381Juvenile Bilateral TES Belt
P382Extra Small Bilateral TES Belt
P383Extra Large Bilateral TES Belt
P384XX Large Bilateral TES Belt

Size Guide

TES Belt SizeTop Socket Brim CircumferenceWaist Circumference

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