StabiloPlus Back Support

The StabiloPlus Back Support is anatomicallly cut for precise fit. Flexible section in the hip-bending area. Improved function and fit thanks to rotating strap guide loops. The degree of stabilisation can be adjusted to suit the particular course of therapy. Easy to put on using the hand straps provided.

Features and benefits

  • Lumbar brace for bridging and for relief of the lumbar spine
  • Stimulation of abdominal muscles and straightening of pelvis
  • Semi-elastic stabilisation strap, individually adjustable
  • Height: ventral 17 cm (6.7 inches), dorsal 32 cm (12.6 inches)


  • Moderate lumboischialgia with mild deficits with herniated discs/prolapse
  • Moderate radicular, pseudo-radicular lumbar syndrome
  • Grade I spondylolisthesis with low back pain
  • Moderate lumbar deformity (recurrent treatment, complicated history)
  • After inter-vertebral disc surgery with mild to moderate prolapse
  • Spinal canal stenosis
  • Lumbar instability syndrome

Measuring Guide

To find your size in the StabiloPlus Back Support, measure the waist circumference.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct CodeWaist Circumference (cm)Measurement Illustration
110373170 - 80cm
210373280 - 90cm
310373390 - 100cm
4103734100 - 110cm
5103735110 - 120cm
6103736120 - 130cm
7103737130 - 140cm

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