Spiro Valves

Ortho Europe’s Spiro range offers a wide variety of valves. These are all designed for maximum air flow, making donning easier thanks to creating significantly less back pressure. All Spiro valves use a spring and diaphragm system for increased durability, reliability and functionality, and are fully field serviceable.

Spiro AK Valve

  • Auto-expulsion valve, designed for installation into all socket materials
  • Double dummy provided for check socket and laminate manufacture
  • Low profile design


Spiro BK Valve

  • Auto-expulsion valve to be combined with BK sleeve
  • Threaded housing for reduced leakage
  • Threaded cap adds security and durability
  • Fully field serviceable

Spiro Plate Valve

  • In-line valve for a streamlined appearance, to improve socket cosmesis
  • To be used with AK seal-in technology
  • Universal gasket included, which can be used with any tie-in/mounting plate

Spiro Hybrid Valve

  • Reliable valve for all elevated vacuum applications
  • Can be installed into any prosthetic socket as either a retro-fit or new installation
  • Built-in barb attachment with internal check valve allows connection to any pump system
  • Thread-in cap design adds security and durability

Spiro X Valve

  • Intended for lower limb prosthetic fittings
  • Must be used with a sealing sleeve to create the appropriate vacuum and add additional suspension
  • Retrofittable to sockets post-production

Spiro 4-Hole Tie-In Plate

  • Simple, versatile in-line system
  • May be used alone or configured to function as passive expulsion or elevated vacuum suspension
  • Use in conjunction with the Spiro Valve Insert
  • Designed for use in both definitive and check sockets, providing a low profile

Spiro Valve Insert

  • To be used with the Spiro 4-Hole Tie-In Plate



Spiro Dummy Insert

  • For use in manufacturing the Spiro 4-Hole Tie-In Plate
  • Replace with the Spiro Valve Insert after manufacture


Spiro Valve Key

  • Used for patients with dexterity issues to unscrew Spiro AK Valve



Spiro Valve Tool

  • Use the long end for disassembly of the Spiro Plate Valve, Spiro Valve Insert, and Spiro Dummy Insert
  • Use the 2-pronged end for removal of the Spiro BK Valve and Spiro Hybrid Valve from a socket


Socket Valve Body

  • Aluminium valve body with manual air outlet
  • 27.8mm diameter


Flat Rubber Valve with thumb flap and seat ring

  • Manual air outlet
  • 40mm diameter with 24mm hole


Flat Rubber Valve with thumb flap

  • Manual air outlet
  • 40mm diameter with 24mm hole

Ordering Information

Part no.Description
SPR-100-AKSpiro AK Valve
SPR-100-VSpiro BK Valve
SPR-200-PVSpiro Plate Valve
SPR-300-HYVSpiro Hybrid Valve
SPR-500-XSpiro X Valve
SPR-400-TIPSpiro 4-Hole Tie-In Plate
SPR-400-VSpiro Valve Insert
SPR-400-PSpiro Dummy Insert
SPR-200-AKSpiro Valve Key
SPR-300-AVTSpiro Valve Tool
7O257Socket Valve Body
7O250-1Flat Rubber Valve with thumb flap and seat ring
7O250-2Flat Rubber Valve with thumb flap


Spiro Valves Sales Sheet

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