Spinal Plus

A lightweight and non-intrusive spinal brace for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Features and benefits

  • Low-profile and lightweight
  • Strap system and stays limit migration and facilitate long-lasting tension
  • Dorsolumbar straps with a biodynamic-effect elastic tensor improve trunk posture over time
  • Adjustable shoulder and dorsolumbar straps
  • Shoulder straps with functional padding optimise protection of the armpit hollow
  • Combination of shoulder and dorsolumbar straps allows the patient to bring the support to optimal tension
  • Abdominal flaps with wide adjustment range for maximum comfort
  • Maintains preset adjustments


  • Dorsolumbalgia after healing of stable compression fractures of dorsolumbar vertebrae
  • Stable compression fractures of dorsolumbar vertebrae caused by osteoporosis or metastatic tumours
  • Hyperkyphosis of the thoracic spine, post-traumatic or caused by arthrosis
  • Juvenile osteochondrosis

Ordering Information

Part NumberSizeDistance between T1 and L5
1410-XSX Small35-41cm

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