Soft Epigrip Plus

Effective, lightweight, and adjustable epicondylitis band designed to apply targeted pressure in order to gain optimal relief from the tendon insertions.

Features and benefits

  • Anatomical shape prevents and limits the progression of the lesion to protect the muscle fascia
  • Incorporates an elastic component that ensures relief of the painful tendon insertions by applying pressure around the full circumference of the forearm musculature
  • Features a rigid core which distributes the pressure evenly
  • Technologically advanced manufacturing by HF prevents excessive pressure and grazes
  • Made with fabrics of maximum strength and minimum thickness to ensure lightweight durability
  • Adjustable by inelastic textile strap
  • Epicondylar pad made with viscoelastic material with a non-slip surface
  • Designed to apply targeted pressure in order to provide optimal relief of the tendon insertions, achieving an additional insertion function
  • Incorporates a flexible piece of anatomically-shaped plastic that distributes the pressure over the forearm evenly


  • Inflammation of the muscular fascia
  • Epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
  • Epitrochleitis (golfers elbow)

Ordering Information

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Colour: Grey

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