Socket Adaptors

Our high quality, durable and lightweight prosthetic connections are available in different designs and materials.

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Ordering Information

 Part no.DescriptionMaterialSizeWeightWeight LimitBuild Height
6PC5514-Hole Thermoforming Socket Cups (No Pyramid)AluminiumSmall128g100kg30mm
6PC5524-Hole Thermoforming Socket Cups (No Pyramid)AluminiumMedium160g100kg30mm
6PC5534-Hole Thermoforming Socket Cups (No Pyramid)AluminiumLarge169g100kg30mm
6PC554Four Hole Connector Male PyramidTitaniumN/A70g125kg8mm
6PC557Four Hole Connector Male PyramidAluminiumN/A81g100kg11mm
6PC597Four Hole Connector Male Pyramid with rotationTitaniumN/A79g125kg13mm
4-Hole Socket Cups (No Pyramid)6PC571Four Hole Connector Female Pyramid ReceiverTitaniumN/A53g125kg13mm
4-Hole Socket Cups (No Pyramid)6PC596Four Hole Connector Female Pyramid Receiver with rotationTitaniumN/A93g125kg18mm
Socket Lamination Platform Male Pyramid6PC599Socket Lamination Platform with male pyramid - fixed adaptorAluminiumN/A151g125kg23mm
6PC414Socket Lamination Platform with male pyramid - rotatable adaptorAluminiumN/A151g125kg23mm
Socket Lamination Platform Male Pyramid6PC121Socket Lamination Platform with female pyramid receiverAluminiumN/A148g100kg32mm
4-Hole Socket Cups (No Pyramid)6PC556Lamination Anchor with male pyramidTitaniumN/A55g125kg11mm
6PC555Lamination Anchor with male pyramidAluminiumN/A63g100kg13mm
4-Hole Socket Cups (No Pyramid)6PC578Lamination Anchor with female threaded receiverStainless SteelN/A116g125kg10mm
6PC579Formable Lamination Anchor with female threaded receiverTitaniumN/A72g100kg10mm
Rotating Male Pyramid for Lamination Anchor6PC594Rotating Female Pyramid Receiver for lamination anchorStainless SteelN/A68g125kg14mm
6PC582Rotating Female Pyramid Receiver for lamination anchorTitaniumN/A48g125kg14mm
Rotating Male Pyramid for Lamination Anchor6PC581Rotating Male Pyramid for lamination anchorTitaniumN/A39g125kg4mm


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