Single Axis Foot

Constructed of strong, lightweight composites and an advanced design, this foot is the most progressive single axis foot available. With the optional anterior and posterior bumpers, the foot can be customised to the patient’s needs.

Features and benefits

  • Moulded-in titanium pyramid
  • Economy, strength and durability
  • 10-20% lighter than conventional single axis feet
  • Comes standard with medium/medium bumpers
  • Optional set of six anterior and posterior bumpers

Recommendations for use

  • Great for low activity users requiring a lightweight foot. Ability to customise with anterior/posterior bumpers make it a flexible solution



Build HeightFoot only - 86mm
Assembly - 89mm
WeightFoot only - 490g
Foot without pyramid - 475g
Activity LevelK1 and K2
Weight Limit115kg
Cosmesis (Foot)Tan
Buff (special order)
Medium Brown (special order)
Sizes AvailableFoot only - 22-31cm (1cm increments)
Foot without pyramid - 22-31mm (1cm increments)
Warranty12 months
IncludesComes standard with anterior/posterior bumpers
Trial Option30 days

Ordering Information

Standard with medium/medium bumpers
Order a set of 6 bumpers to fine tune characteristics
Part Number: SAF-00130


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