Silipos® Soft Shear Sheeting

3mm thick sheet of Silipos® Polymer Gel with excellent pressure- and shear-relieving properties. Can be used to provide extra cushioning at body prominences and pressure points.

Features and benefits

  • Available either lined with fabric on both sides or just one
  • Fabric cover has excellent stretch qualities
  • Excellent pressure- and shear-relieving properties
  • Fabric increases durability of a gel and allows sheet to be glued
  • One sheet per pack

Recommendations for use

  • Can be used to provide extra cushioning at bony prominences and pressure points

Ordering Information

Part NumberApprox. SizeDescription
SI9903200x200mmSoft Shear Fabric One Side
SI9906200x200mmSoft Shear Fabric Two Sides
SI9904305x405mmSoft Shear Fabric One Side
SI9907305x405mmSoft Shear Fabric Two Sides
SI9905405x510mmSoft Shear Fabric One Side
SI99048405x510mmSoft Shear Fabric Two Sides

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