Silicone Cosmetic Skins

These silicone covers are available in light, medium and dark skin tones, with various sizes and lengths for transtibial and transfemoral amputees.

Features and benefits

  • Light, medium and dark skin colours available for BK, and one colour for AK
  • Short, medium, long and extra-long sizes
  • Foot length available as small, medium and long

Transtibial Ordering Information

Light part numberMedium part numberDark part numberFoot size (mm)Length (mm)
U10751/LU10751/MU10751/DS (200-230)S (365)
U10752/LU10752/MU10752/DS (200-230)M (405)
U10753/LU10753/MU10753/DM (230-260)M (405)
U10754/LU10754/MU10754/DM (230-260)L (445)
U10755/LU10755/MU10755/DL (260-290)L (445)
U10756/LU10756/MU10756/DL (260-290)XL (480)

Transfemoral Ordering Information

Part numberFoot size (mm)Length (mm)Circumference (mm)
U920/7401S (230-240)920S (420)
U923/7404S (230-240)920M (500)
U924/7405M (250-260)920M (500)
U929/7410L (260-280)920L (540)

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