Shoulder Immo Pro

The Shoulder Immo Pro is Ortho Europe’s Premium Shoulder immobiliser, with quick release buckles for simple donning and doffing. It has premium shoulder and waist straps and shoulder padding for optimal immobilisation and comfort.

Features and benefits

  • Restriction of movement to the shoulder joint
  • Sling is manufactured from open mesh, breathable material for comfort and hygiene
  • Internal elastic thumb strap for more stable sling positioning
  • Strap and under-arm position individually adjustable
  • Closure possible with one hand maintaining independence


  • Weakness/ injury to the shoulder capsule and ligaments
  • Paralysis in the arm
  • Stable proximal humerus fracture
  • Post-traumatic complaints
  • Post-operative shoulder immobilisation

Measuring Guide

To find your size in the Shoulder Immo Pro, measure the length (cm) from the palmar crease to the elbow crease.


Ordering Information

SizeProduct CodePalmar crease to elbow crease (cm)Measurement Illustration
MORT2-1070-M28.5 - 33.5cm
LORT2-1070-L33.5 - 38.5cm


Shoulder Immo Pro IFU

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