Sensor Knee

The Sensor Knee is highly adjustable and versatile in performance. Its reliable, weight-activated hydraulic system can be adapted with a range of adjustments to suit the new amputee, from the first stages of rehabilitation right through to optimum ability. Thanks to weight-activation, the hydraulics do not turn off at full extension, removing the guess work, and making the Sensor Knee safer than many other yielding knees.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight titanium
  • Hydraulic swing and stance phase control
  • Ultimate stability on stairs and uneven surfaces
  • Adjustable flexion resistance, sensitivity and yield
  • Terminal impact dampener
  • Available in silver, red, blue and black

Recommendations for use

  • Suitable for a range of activity levels. The knee can be set up for low-activity users, who need maximum stance phase stability, through to high-activity users, who require yielding function to descend slopes and stairs leg over leg.

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