RUSH EVAQ8 Collection

The RUSH EVAQ8 Collection presents an elevated vacuum system which seamlessly integrates into the heel shock of the RUSH foot, no matter which model you choose. Available as HiPro, LoPro or Rogue,  there are no additional build height requirements, preventing any clearance issues for your patient.

As the user loads weight onto the foot, the heel shock compresses, forcing air out through EVAQ8’s one-way exhaust port. Unloading this weight decompresses the heel shock, and air is pulled in from the socket to fill the space. This means that your patient can achieve optimum socket vacuum in just a few short steps.

Features and benefits
  • Heel strike-actuated integrated pump
  • 18-22inHg socket vacuum in a few steps
  • No additional build height requirements
  • Only 10g weight added to each standard RUSH foot
  • Provides heightened proprioception
  • Increases linkage to prosthetic device
  • Improves residual limb volume management
  • Waterproof in fresh and salt water

Installation kit
The RUSH EVAQ8 Installation Kit includes:

  • Flexible tubing to connect socket to heel
  • In-line filter
  • Velcro® tape to secure hose to foot or pylon
  • Optional release valve for use with seal-in liner

Please note: A 90° barb is required to create a port from the socket. We advise using the Spiro Hybrid Valve for this purpose.

Recommendations for use
The RUSH EVAQ8 collection is suitable for moderate to high activity users that require a larger range of flexibility and excellent energy return, whilst using a vacuum system which requires no compromise on build height or weight.

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