The RidgeFlex ankle joint, made from Prepalon®, provides the ideal balance between flexibility and rigidity for use in AFOs.

Prepalon utilises Continuous Fibre Elastomer Technology (CFET) to provide structure and prevent the joint from stretching; its flexible elastomer increases tear strength, and its blended fibre provides enhanced support. This technology eliminates the need for strings, which do not provide any support in rotation or A-P movement.

RidgeFlex’s tendon design offers smooth movement, whilst providing rotational control and proper support in the sagittal plane. This, combined with Prepalon, prevents fatigue and failure to ensure the user maintains optimal ankle and foot control.

Features and benefits

  • Dynamic rotational control
  • Easy fabrication, with dummies included
  • Available in standard and dorsiflexion assist
  • Dynamic dampening provides better range of motion control

Ordering Information

Part No.Description
RFDX-300Extreme dorsi assist
RFD-100Dorsi assist
RFS-100DMDummy standard & dorsi
PRFD-200Paediatric dorsi assist
PRFS-200Paediatric standard
PRFS-200DMPaediatric dummy

RidgeFlex is only available in certain territories. Please contact our Customer Services team for more information.

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