The Raize foot is a versatile ankle/foot system with the ability to adapt to various terrains through its unique microprocessor system. The powerful system simulates natural ankle movement, reducing vertical shock and damaging socket forces to provide a comfortable walking gait. There is a simple computer interface for prosthetist set up, and the patient is able to use a control fob or mobile app to adjust certain parameters; resistance, lock/unlock, and heel height.

Features and benefits

  • Microprocessor-controlled system
  • Easily adjustable heel height and lock (via control pad)
  • Accommodates various terrains
  • Improves socket comfort
  • Automatically adjusts to allow maximum dorsiflexion on incline

Recommendations for use

  • The Raize foot is recommended for patients that require ultimate adaptation to varying inclines and reduction of shear stresses within the socket. For those that go above and beyond simple locomotion.


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