Quantum Foot

Well-respected in many countries worldwide, the economical Quantum Foot is an ideal choice for the moderately active amputee who wishes to walk naturally, in comfort and with confidence. The spring and hollow cosmesis design makes it a lightweight solution for walking on uneven surfaces.

Features and benefits

  • High degree of inversion and eversion
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces
  • Available in a Symes version
  • Choose from Standard or Narrow
  • Standard cosmesis is a split toe design
  • Comes with ankle cosmesis

Recommendations for use

  • For patients who require more movement to overcome environmental barriers. The split toe and width options of the foot shell provide more options for male and female patients
  • Please note: For Foot Cosmesis narrow is only available in sizes 22 – 27cm. Standard is available in sizes 28 – 30cm.
  • Please note: For Type B Spring for feet 26 – 30cm the 125kg (pink) weight is only available for Spring Module, not Symes Foot Spring Module.


Build HeightWeightActivity LevelWeight LimitCosmesis (Foot)Proximal AdaptorSizes AvailableWarrantyIncludesTrial Option
54-60mm504gK2 and K350-125kg dependant on spring moduleStandard / Narrow
Left / Right
Integrated titanium pyramid or no pyramid23-30cm12 monthsComes with ankle cosmesis30 days

Symes Foot Ordering Information

Pyramid Ordering Information

Cosmesis Ordering Information


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