PVC Velcro® straps

Now used as our standard finishing for a long-lasting cosmetic improvement in our custom range of orthoses, these latex-free PVC velcro® straps are an alternative to traditional leather-backed straps for orthoses.

The straps may be added to a full range of custom devices in a variety of colours, with matching pads, chapes and rivets to enhance the cosmetic finish. PVC offers a more durable and hygienic option, as it can be wiped clean.

Parts are available for purchase directly from Ortho Europe in packs of 10 straps or pads, and packs of 100 rivets.

Features and Benefits

  • Great resistance to traction
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Enhanced cosmesis
  • Available in 8 colours

In the strap kit

  • Latex-free PVC straps
  • Self-gripping hook
  • Loop Velcro® fastening

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