The PRAFO® 650 APU is a totally Adjustable Posterior Upright design that provides the practitioner a more precise, simplified, and calibrated method of setting the optimal dorsi/plantarflexion angle. This setting of the optimal angle is done by simply loosening the two adjustment screws, repositioning and then retightening the screws. The PRAFO 650 APU eliminates any pressure to the medial/lateral aspects of the malleoli that typically can be attributed to double-jointed systems.

Features and benefits

  • Relives pressure
  • Sagittal plane adjustments allows for optimal dorsi/plantarflexion ankle positioning
  • Provide adequate clearance during swing phase and knee stability in stance phase


  • Tendon or ligament surgery
  • Botox or serial casting
  • Stable fracture to the foot and ankle
  • Tendon or ligament tear or rupture

Ordering Information

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