Point Digits

The Point Digits are mechanical, passive articulating fingers designed to be both lightweight and strong, using a patented, novel ratcheting mechanism to
lock into 11 unique positions of flexion. These fingers are designed for patients with finger loss who require a durable device and the ability for one-handed operation and various levels of flexion.

The prosthesis is made of titanium and stainless steel and comes with all necessary hardware for integration into a prosthetic socket. Easy to operate, the user positions the finger into one of the 11 locking levels of flexion by pushing the dorsal side against an opposing surface (e.g. table, thigh, etc.). The device locks into place automatically, enabling the individual to perform their desired task. There are two ways to extend the digit: by pressing the button on the dorsal side of the finger or by fully flexing the finger to engage the auto spring back feature (single-handed use).

Features and benefits

  • Patented ratcheting mechanism enabling unilateral operation with auto spring back
  • Integrated compliant fingertip pads that are touch screen compatible and field replaceable
  • Anatomical rotation about the patient’s metacarpophalangeal joint
  • Titanium construction for maximum durability
  • Ratcheting positioning mechanism
  • Easy, one-handed operation

Ordering Information

DescriptionProduct Code
Point Digit 80mmPNTDG2-080-G
Point Digit 85mmPNTDG2-085-G
Point Digit 90mmPNTDG2-090-G
Point Digit 95mmPNTDG2-095-G
Point Digit 100mmPNTDG2-100-G
Point Digit 105mmPNTDG2-105-G

Point Digit Mini

DescriptionProduct Code
Point Digit Mini 55mmPNTMN-055-G
Point Digit Mini 60mmPNTMN-060-G
Point Digit Mini 65mmPNTMN-065-G
Point Digit Mini 70mmPNTMN-070-G
Point Digit Mini 75mmPNTMN-075-G

Mounting Kit

DescriptionProduct Code
Left Hand Mounting Kit - includes
bracket and hardware
Right Hand Mounting Kit - includes
bracket and hardware

Technical specification

20-36g, depending on length
Load capacity:


Point Digits Sales Sheet


Point Digit – Instructions For Use

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