Plain Lock

The Plain Lock is a lightweight system with a low build height, and an 8mm stainless steel pin with adjustable nut to eliminate pistoning noise. This unique design makes it possible to fine-tune the position of the pin in relation to the locking mechanism, and its button release mechanism can be cut to its user’s desired length.

Features and benefits

  • Lightweight and low build height
  • Durable
  • 8 mm stainless steel pin
  • Adjustable locking nut to eliminate pistoning noise
  • Button release mechanism that can be cut to length
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Ordering Information

Plain Lock Product Codes

DescriptionProduct CodeMaterialProduct WeightWeight LimitBuild HeightWarranty
36mm Plain Lock3LK603Acetal85g125kg38mm2 years
50mm Plain Lock3LK604Acetal95g125kg40mm2 years



Plain Lock Replacement Parts Product Codes

DescriptionProduct CodeWarranty
Catch Lock (8mm pin)9CS0442 years
Uniform Pin Kit (8mm x 47mm)3LK5082 years
Long Pin Kit (8mm x 62mm)3LK5182 years


3LK603 Plain Lock – Acetal (2-Up)

3LK604 Plain Lock – Acetal (4-Up)