Pathfinder II

The Pathfinder II’s outstanding performance lies in its unique construction: a toe spring, foot plate, and pneumatic heel spring all connected in a triangular configuration. This design provides shock absorption during heel strike without diminishing the energy return of the toe spring, resulting in optimal flexibility, stability, and comfort.

Features and benefits

  • Exceptional inversion and eversion
  • Extremely comfortable pneumatic shock absorption
  • Standard with 4-hole connection
  • Up to 160kg weight limit
  • Also available as Low-Profile

Recommendations for use

  • This foot is for moderate to high activity users who regularly push their prosthesis to the limits. Function of foot can be tailored to activity level by the patient using the pneumatic heel pump. Features slide adjustment unless the fixed threaded 4-Hole option is chosen, in which case the foot is slightly lighter.


Build HeightSee Build Height Range Chart
Weight785g (with slide adjustment)
817g (with slide adjustment)
Activity LevelK3 and K4
Weight Limit160kg for US activity level 1-3
135kg for US activity level 4
Proximal Adaptor1 = Pyramid adaptor
2 = Pyramid receiver
3 = Torsion receiver
Sizes Available23-31cm
Warranty36 months
Trial Option30 days

Ordering Information

*Not available in sizes 23 & 24

Type of Adaptor18mm Heel with slide adjustment10mm Heel with slide adjustment18mm Heel without slide adjustment10mm Heel without slide adjustment
Pathfinder w/Threaded 4-Hole Adaptor221mm231mm211mm221mm
Pathfinder w/Through-Hole Adaptor + Valve221mm231mmN/A N/A
Pathfinder w/Pyramid Adaptor241mm249mm236mm246mm
Pathfinder w/Pyramid Receiver Adaptor234mm241mm226mm236mm



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