Paediatric Formula™

Transforming paediatric prosthetics for children who require exceptional performance and flexibility, the Paediatric Formula is a high-performance, customisable foot which grows with the child – and one of the first of its kind!

Its long, lightweight posterior carbon pylon provides critical energy return, while its compact ankle simplifies cosmetic finishing without hindering performance.

Features and benefits

  • Posterior mount design provides ideal balance of flexibility and power
  • Long, lightweight carbon-composite pylon delivers dynamic response
  • Full-split sandal toe offers maximum multiaxial function
  • Pylon accommodates growth up to two additional foot plate sizes
  • Slotted pylon allows up to 2.5cm of vertical growth
  • Fits a standard, split-toe foot shell


Activity LevelWeight LimitSizeBuild HeightPylon HeightProduct WeightWarranty
K3-K457kg16-24cm3.8cm41cm (can be cut to 23cm)255-330g2 years

Pylon Ordering Information

To determine the correct pylon length, measure the maximum height to avoid popliteal impingement in full flexion. This will usually be the posterior trimline.

Example: 70L-120-3P-C-29 for a 29cm pylon for patient weight 28-34kg

Product CodePatient WeightPylon Length (cm)
70L-1201P-C = 14-20kg23 to 41
2P-C = 21-27kg
3P-C = 28-34kg
4P-C = 35-45kg
5P-C = 45-57kg

Foot plate Ordering Information

Example: 70L-120-20F-R for a 20cm right foot plate

Product CodeFoot Size (cm)Left/Right
70L-12016F = 16cmL = Left
17F = 17cmR = Right
18F = 18cm
19F = 19cm
20F = 20cm
21F = 21cm
22F = 22cm
23F = 23cm
24F = 24cm


Paediatric Formula sales sheet

Paediatric Formula IFU

Paediatric Formula Posterior Mounting Kit IFU

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