Padded Strap

Used for ‘Bikini Style’ hip disarticulation prostheses, the padded ratchet strap provides iliac crest stabilisation, with its ease of adjustability allowing for daily volume fluctuations.

Features and Benefits

  • Carbon cover: Moisture & soil resistant, strong, durable & appealing
  • Integrated ratchet strap sleeve: Ratchet Strap is concealed, eliminating interference
  • M2® Ratchet buckle: Simple & Strong with 1/8″ incremental adjustment
  • Adjustable neck length: 7 – 0.5″ adjustment positions
  • Synthetic leather bottom: Moisture resistant & comfortable
  • Concealed hardware: Comfort & Safety
  • Ratchet strap: 1/8″ Incremental adjustment
  • Ratchet strap “feeding sleeve”: Provides simple strap/buckle engagement

Available with either a 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 inch black centre pad

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