Orthoticks Pro insoles

Available in a choice of three EVA densities, Orthoticks Pro insoles are easily customised with a range of top covers and additions thanks to their clear clinical markings, so you can provide the perfect solution for your patients.

Features and benefits
  • Thermoplastic EVA and PU blend
  • Available in 3 densities: 70, 80 and 85
  • Up to 6˚ rearfoot varus/valgus post (with grind)
  • 4mm in-built heel raise
  • Standard Medial and Lateral arch fill
  • Stable flat plantar surface
  • Stylish and professional
  • Heat mouldable
  • Grindable
  • Comfortable uncovered top surface (adding topcover promotes greater adhesion)
  • Available in 10 sizes


The Orthoticks Pro Range of insoles can be worn as they arrive, or can be easily customised using clinical markings and additions.

  • Clinical Markings
    • Heel bisection
    • Rearfoot Varus/Valgus
    • Forefoot Wedges/Extensions
    • Mortons and Reverse Mortons Extensions
  • Fit Markings
    • Heel taper
    • Forefoot taper
    • Medial and Lateral Arch Fill taper

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