Orthoticks Poly

A thermoplastic off-the-shelf solution, Poly insoles are shank independent and can be used in hard-to-fit footwear.

Choose from five prefabricated models, whether your patient needs high performance, cushioned support, or a customisable option.

Features and benefits

  • Thermoplastic polymer specifically formulated for orthotic use
  • Shank independent
  • 4˚ varus rearfoot post
  • Poron heel pad
  • Anti-slip bottom covers
  • Anti-microbial, moisture-wicking performance top covers
  • Customisable with grinding, heat moulding, and self-adhesive additions
  • Available in 9 sizes


  • Achillodynia
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • Knee pain
  • Pes-valgus foot
  • Overpronation
  • Pes transversus planus
  • Tractus iliotibialis band syndrome
  • Bowlegs
  • Arthritis in the outer knee joint
  • Instability in the outer ankle
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Where space in the footwear is limited

Insole types

There are five insole types within the range:

  • Classic
    • Sets the standard in thermoplastic OTC orthotics
    • High rebound EVA midlayer
    • 4˚ Poly rearfoot post
  • Comfort
    • For sensitive or high-risk patients
    • 4mm Poron midlayer for the ultimate in cushioned support
    • 4˚ Poly rearfoot post
  • Performance FL
    • Tapered design for performance applications and sporting footwear
    • High rebound PU midlayer
    • 4˚ EVA rearfoot post
  • Performance SL
    • More tapered design for hard-to-fit footwear
    • High rebound PU midlayer
    • 4˚ EVA rearfoot post
  • Custom
    • Fully customisable
    • Partially open top cover for easy adjustment and placement of additions before sealing
    • High rebound EVA midlayer
    • 4˚ Poly rearfoot post

Sizing Information

SizeMen (UK)Women (UK)Junior (UK)EU

Ordering Information


We have a full range of additions which may be used to customise these insoles to the needs of your patient. These can be added in the factory when ordering the insole, or by yourself in the clinic.

Visit the Additions page to find out more.

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