Ortho Europe® Transfemoral Stump Socks

Our transfemoral stump socks are manufactured using high quality cotton and Lycra®, offering a snug fit between the prosthesis and residual limb, as well as small degree of cushioning for everyday use. A thicker terry variant is available if more cushioning is required.

We also offer dual thickness socks, with different materials at the distal and proximal ends to account for variations in volume loss. If the patient has lost more volume proximally, choose TPB; if more volume has been lost distally, choose PTB.

The range covers sock lengths between 20-60cm, with 70cm or 80cm available on special order.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to don and doff
  • Smooth, wrinkle-free fibres
  • Cushioning
  • Reduces irritation, inflammation, and shear
  • Reduces shear
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Breathable, helping control temperature and perspiration
  • 19mm hole variant available for use with locking liners
  • Extra-wide option if needed


Ordering information

Example: OE-AK-P-20 for a 20cm plain cotton cushioning sock

Example: OE-AK-PHXW-40 for a 40cm extra wide plain cotton sock with distal hole

Product codeMaterialHole optionWidth optionLength (cm)
OE-AK-P = Plain cottonH = Distal holeXW = Extra wide20
T = Terry cotton30

Dual thickness ordering information

Example: OK-AK-PTBH-30 for a 30cm sock with distal hole and plain cotton proximally/terry cotton distally

Product codeMaterialHole optionLength (cm)
OE-AK-TPB = Terry/PlainH = Distal hole30
PTB = Plain/Terry40

Recommendations for use

    These stump socks can be used in combination with any other sock in the Ortho Europe range to help your patient manage their socket fit in response to volume fluctuations. We advise that you discuss this with your patient when providing the socks.

    The proximal border of our stump socks has a different weave, increasing stretch whilst decreasing compression, and helping to avoid tissue distortion, skin irritation, or socket fit problems. This is especially beneficial when combining multiple layers of stump socks.

    The socks should be washed after every use in a standard washing machine at 40˚C, and allowed to dry before wearing them next. To increase the lifespan of the socks, we advise that tumble dryers are avoided.


Prosthetic Socks Sales Sheet

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