Ortho Europe Prosthetics Components Range

Ortho Europe’s durable, high quality modular component range are made to be interchangeable with various supplier components and can be paired with feet and knees from the main brands within the prosthetics industry.

The complete range offers both titanium and stainless-steel components such as dual clamp adapters, pylons and attachment plates with a high weight rating and five-year guarantee.

Titanium components offer users the benefits of high strength, rigidity, fracture toughness combined with being light weight and durable. In addition, titanium is corrosion resistant offering user’s longevity. This range of structural components includes a range of adapters with a maximum weight limit of 166kg in addition to waterproof components.


Ordering Information

Part NumberProduct ImageProduct DescriptionMaterialWeight LimitProduct Weight (Inclusive of screws)Max. Build Height Min. Build Height Features
OEPC-A4OEPC-A4Ø30mm seamless pylon Aluminium166kg283g432mmWaterproof
OEPC-T4CDOEPC-T4CDØ30mm pylon with Titanium drain hole receiverAluminium166kg348g432mm46mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
OEPC-T10COEPC-T10CØ30mm low profile pylon with receiverTitanium166kg113g78mm18mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
Tube Clamp Adapters
OEPC-TTCOEPC-TTCØ30mm tube clamp adapter with flat clamp Titanium166kg82g46mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
OEPC-TTCDØ30mm tube clamp adapter features 2 drain holesTitanium166kg85g46mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
Dual Receivers
OEPC-TDF3OEPC-TDF3Dual receiverTitanium166kg88g32mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
OEPC-TDF4OEPC-TDF4Dual receiverTitanium166kg111g45mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
3 & 4 Prong Adapters
OEPC-S3PROEPC-S3PR3 prong laminating adapter with female threadsStainless Steel136kg119g7mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fastener
OEPC-TLPOEPC-TLP4 prong laminating adapter with fixed pyramid includes lamination capTitanium166kg68g7mmWaterproof
Pyramid and Receiver Adapters
OEPC-T4HPOEPC-T4HP4-hole pyramid adapter with through holeTitanium166kg53g8mmWaterproof
OEPC-TSFOEPC-TSFRotatable receiver with male threads. Titanium 166kg53g12mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
OEPC-TSPOEPC-TSPRotatable pyramid with through hole. Male threadsTitanium 166kg45g6mmWaterproof
OEPC-T4HROEPC-T4HR4-hole base with female centre thread and clamp. Includes (4) M6x1.0x25 water resistant FHCSTitanium 166kg59g9mmWaterproof
Includes water resistant fasteners
Attachment Plate
OEPC-T4HLOEPC-T4HL4-hole attachment plate set. Used for thermoforming applications. Includes 4 M6x1.0x20 and M6x1.0x25 Aluminium100kg116gWaterproof

*Components indicated as waterproof, please note that these components do not have drainage slots unless stated. Stainless Steel components are not waterproof or water resistant.

Torque Setting

Part NumberDescriptionBolts/ScrewTorque FT LbsTorque - NM
OEPC-TTCTitanium 30mm tube clamp adapter with flat clampM5x0.8x20 CLAMP SCREW79
OEPC-T10CTitanium 30mm pylon with receiver. Overall length of 3.8" (9.7cm)M8x1.25x12 SET SCREW1115
OEPC-TDF3Titanium 32mm dual receiverM8x1.25x12 SET SCREW1115
OEPC-TDF4Titanium 45mm dual receiverM8x1.25x12 SET SCREW1115

Stainless Steel 3 prong laminating adapter with female threadsM6x1.0x20 CLAMP SCREW1115
OEPC-TSFTitanium rotatable receiver with male threadsM5x0.8x25 CLAMP SCREW79
OEPC-T4HRTitanium 4-hole base with female centre thread and clampM5x0.8x25 CLAMP SCREW79
OEPC-T4HLAluminium 4-hole attachment plate set. Used for thermoforming applicationsM6x1.0x20 MOUNTING SCREW1115


Prosthetic Components Range Sales Sheet

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